Barbecue – Take it to the Mat

The P0wer of the Barbecue

food on the barbecueIt doesn’t matter if your favorite meals are chicken, steak or simply a grilled sandwich. Having and using a barbecue grill will certainly improve the taste of any foods that are cooked on them. You can utilize it to barbecue chicken, hamburgers, Boca Burgers, pork chops, delicious steaks and even bacon strips. You can actually cook frozen meat on a BBQ in a relatively short amount of time. You will discover that it is quite simple to toss some meat on the grill and while it is cooking you can prepare the rest of your meal. And the grill lines on your food gives the impression that you invested a number of hours slaving over the barbecue to prepare your meal.

Add in the BBQ Grill Mat
The latest greatest thing now is the bbq grill mat. This allows you to BBQ a whole host of foods that were impossible to grill Chef Caron BBQ Grill Matbefore because they would just fall through the grill – like eggs or pancakes. But not just that, think of chopped vegetables, bacon, sauces etc. You can let your imagination run wild with the idea of using a mat on the bbq grill. If you’re intrigued, here’s a link to the instructions that come with the Chef Caron grill mats when you order them and that we’ll give you a pretty good idea how they work.

Charmglow BBQs

Speaking of the BBQ, one type of barbecue that I like is the Charmglow, and there are several designs of Charmglow portable gas bbq grills to pick from. It’s not a big name in barbecue grills, but they’ve got some great options at great prices. Each has different functions and is likewise priced differently. However, you will still be able to see that all of their grills are priced reasonably and deliver very high quality.

When shopping for a barbecue keep in mind that the most inexpensive in the market are low-grade stainless steel grills with thin metal, which can quickly corrode and for that reason will need to be replaced after only a few years. There are grills that are inexpensively coated though they resemble durable stainless-steel parts and they look great on the showroom floor.

barbecue fatCut Down on the Fat

One big advantage of the barbecue grill is that it significantly reduces the amount of fat in your prepared meats. Most of the fat drips down into the barbecue and is either incinerated or ends up in the grease collector located below your grill. You will most likely be surprised at all the excess fat that gets removed from your food when you barbecue. It seriously is actually a fat-reducing process. Because the grill is a quick and healthy way to prepare food when you need to create one of those last minute healthy dish ideas, you can rely on your barbecue grill to deliver.

Grilled Food – the Advantages

Foods prepared on charcoal grills have an entirely different taste from food prepared on gas grills. Not just is the flavor of the food much richer – the charcoal imparts a natural smokiness to the meat – however it likewise lends a specific old-time feel to the entire experience of barbecuing. Truly, for any barbecue lover, absolutely nothing can beat a summertime evening spent with a charcoal barbecue grill, the business of family and friends, and a favorite drink. Here’s a tip though. You don’t need to douse it with lighter fluid. Even though people say it all burns off, it actually continues to off-gas into the food for up to an hour. Why not light your charcoal the traditional and healthy way with some kindling and paper? It takes longer but it’s worth it. Or if you are in a hurry use a butane torch if you’re really cramped for time, a flame thrower. In case you think I’m kidding about that, check out this link – personal flamethrowers are legal in quite a few states.

food prepared on the BBQ

Last, but not least there are a lot of great resources and recipes on Facebook, like this BBQ Grill Mats on Facebook Fan page. They post several new recipes everyday with great color pictures and instructions. If you ever need ideas, there you go!